Dr. Sacha Obaid

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

The nose is a central feature of the face. It is one of the first things that people notice. If you are unhappy about your nose, Dr. Obaid can meet with you to discuss what options are available to you.

When you meet Dr. Obaid, he will examine your nose and discuss your goals. Dr. Obaid will listen to you and design the nose that is right for you. He will also be honest with you and tell you what limitations there are to the surgery.

Many patients have problems breathing through their noses because of defects within the nose such as a deviated septum or nasal valve collapse. During your consultation, Dr. Obaid will examine the key parts of the nose that control breathing. If you have a deviated septum or other blockage to breathing through the nose, Dr. Obaid can correct this during surgery.

Dr. Obaid has unique skills, because he is not only trained in plastic surgery, but craniofacial surgery as well. As a craniofacial surgeon, Dr. Obaid has worked on some of the world's most unique noses that were malformed at birth. This experience allows Dr. Obaid to customize each operation and provide the best results.

Dr. Obaid is a board certified plastic surgeon in Southlake and Plano. He specializes in cosmetic surgery including rhinoplasty. He is a member of a number of professional organizations, including:

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons
Dr. Obaid

Sacha Obaid, MD

Plastic Surgeon



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