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Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

The board certified surgeons at The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery offer a complete range of facial plastic surgery including rhinoplasty. They understand that each nose provides balance, character and proportion to the face, each nose is different and offers a unique look. They are highly trained plastic surgeons who can make subtle changes for a natural look that maintains your unique personality. Rhinoplasty can also improve breathing issues.

Before surgery, your surgeon will thoroughly discuss the results you hope to achieve. By understanding your goals and assessing the structure of your nose, your surgeon will be able to give you a realistic idea of the results you can expect.

During the procedure, the nose is reshaped to achieve the desired look. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, a rhinoplasty is done under general or local anesthesia. After surgery, a brace is placed over the nose to let it heal into its new shape. It usually takes about a week after surgery before you will feel comfortable enough to go out in public. After two months, most of the swelling will be gone, and the long term results will be more apparent.

At The Wall Center for Plastic Surgery in Shreveport, each of the doctors are board certified plastic surgeons. The doctors specialize in cosmetic surgery including rhinoplasty. The surgeons are members of a number of professional organizations, including:

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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